Course Summary

Dream Lab


The Dream Lab is space + support to explore the Miracle of your Dream.

Here’s what you’ll need:

        • A dream, or the desire to find your dream — if you don't know what your dream is, then "finding my dream" is the dream you'll work with. 

        • A computer or smart phone/tablet with Internet access to watch the videos and listen to the guided meditation. (The content is not downloadable but the Dream Lab is open 24-7)

        • A printer to print out the playsheets - colouring supplies are optional :) Or you can use your journal to answer the prompts.


The Hard Parts Are Where The Magic Happens

Case Studies

Listen in as I coach people through the Dream Lab process!

You can use the practice I teach in the Dream Lab to get whatever you need to help you make your dream real - because the answers already live inside you. But learning to navigate this inner path is tricky, so I am sharing these case studies to help show you how it works.

Inner work completely is non-linear so I can't map out the steps for you - what I can do is share stories which help to light the path for your explorations.