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Dream Altar: Creating Space To Hold Your Process

Your dream is a vehicle for bringing more of your soul into your daily life.

We’re working with dreams, soul and creativity - the act of creation, creating change in your self and your life.

This is all quite intangible! I mean you can feel the power and magic of it but most of the work is completely invisible.

So it helps to have something tangible in your space that gives a physical form to this invisible process - this is your dream altar.

(I have a free dream altar tutorial on my blog here.)

I have made you a simple, printable altar to begin with.

I want you to print it out and put it on your desk - or somewhere in your home where you'll see it every day.

I know this might seem silly but it’s vital to actually give your dream this physical space in your life - since a lot of the time working on your dream is invisible you need this visible reminder that you’re in this process.

Download your Dream Altar here: