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You Always Have What You Need


You always have what you need to take your next step. This is the miracle of your dream.

But you can’t always see it.

When you can’t see this that usually means you are wrong about what your next step actually is.

And that’s where I’m at this morning.

I keep writing out this explanation of why I’m having such a crappy morning, and then deleting it because it doesn’t matter why.

I’m having a rough morning.

I’m cranky. I can’t get to work – my head just isn’t in it. Like everything I try to do just doesn’t work.

So where is the miracle in this?

I have been wanting to share my own stories with the Dream Lab to show all the unexpected ways you can work with your dream and generate the miracles you need on the path to making your dream real.

I trust the Dream Lab to help me get through any rough patch. But right now I am trapped so tight in this tight spot I don’t see how this is going to work.

I share that to say – you don’t have to always believe that you’re going to triumph! You just have to keep showing up.

So I don’t know what my next step is in this moment.

Luckily I do know what steps I want to take this week – I already had that mapped out.

But this morning I feel incapable of taking those particular steps.

So – what do I do?

I start by meeting with my dream (the practice I teach in the Dream Lab).

My dream is a big marble and the more I look at it the more it grows. It grows into the size of a billiard ball but it’s blue and purple with lights and everything is moving around – it looks like the cosmos.

I sit there not knowing what to do and my dream whispers “Pick me up”

So I hold it in my hands and it’s not a billiard ball anymore. It keeps growing and ends up growing bigger than me, so now I am sitting inside of this cosmos ball.

Oh! My dream wants to offer me a healing.

Being inside this ball feels like I am floating in the universe, getting all filled up with love and trust and magic and then I get the message:

“Oh honey. Everything will happen in the right time. Patience”

And suddenly I know what I need to do.

I need to clean up!

One reason why I am so off this morning is because we were too tired to clean up our camping stuff yesterday so this morning the house was a disaster. In fact, we were also in a rush to get out of the city to go camping so the house was already pretty messy before we went camping. So you can imagine.

I need to do laundry and put stuff away.

I need to clean up as a ritual for creating space in my life for creativity and dreams.

Not just clean up – but clear space with intention.

This will bring me into a more creative and productive space for taking my next steps.

So see what happened there?

My next steps that I have mapped out – the productive creative stuff I want to do this week – are not my actual next steps that I need to take. I was getting all tangled up trying to make myself do stuff I just can’t do right now.

My actual next steps are to take care of myself and my space – to create space to do the work in.

This is how it usually is – when we can’t take our next steps it’s because we are wrong about what our next steps actually are. We’re usually looking too far ahead and not staying present with what needs to happen right here in this moment.