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Your dream is how your soul calls you towards your most authentic life


Do you trust your dreams? Like do you TRUST that little sparkle that lives in your heart?

The Creative Dream Incubator is both my livelihood and my dream come true. But I don't necessarily trust it to be able to financially sustain me for the rest of my life.

I do trust my dreams to continue to lead me to my most vibrant + authentic life - even when I don't know what the external details look like.

Can you see how that works?

I know this sounds abstract and ethereal - but you can cultivate a trust in your dream so deep that it builds the foundation for your dream to come true.  Like your trust becomes sturdy enough to carry you through the difficult parts of the path.

The inner aspect of your dream comes from purpose, creativity, spirit, authenticity - all the best aspects of who you are. I mean - what's not to trust?

So I think of my dreams as the mechanism for bringing my true self to life.

I trust my dreams to guide me through my life.

Use this sheet to write out all of the things that are calling you.

Not just the things that your ego-mind judges as "good enough" to be worthy to be called Dreams. All of it.

Chocolate peanut butter ice cream. Lavender baths. Long walks in the park. Arranging my life so I can watch every sunset. Iridescent sparkling eyeshadows in every colour of the rainbow. Making soup from scratch. Going skating on the frozen river. Knitting winter warm things. Scented candles. Drinking huge vats of tea. Eating more veggies.

These are the kinds of things that are calling me right now.

I know that following them will lead me to more of myself. I don't have to understand how it works.

When I can get out of my head and just move towards more of what I want - I grow towards my true self.

This happens in tiny and surprising ways all the time.

And once in a while it happens in a Big Significant Way which moves my life in a new direction - like when I left my job to do the Creative Dream Incubator full time, or when I got married.

But those Big Dream Moments are not the stuff of daily life.

It's how you respond to the little things that call you each day that moves towards being your true self. Yes! That means eating some chocolate peanut butter ice cream right now can help me with my personal growth.

So - the list on this page - write it! And once you have your list written really look at the words on the bottom:

There is power + meaning in this. You can trust your dream.

There is power and meaning in whatever it is that is calling you right now.

Can you work on trusting that?