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On getting your creative work done and out into the world.

(not for delicate ears - there is a teeny bit of adult language in this one)

This Dream Lab session is with Max Daniels <-- that's a link to her site if you want to check out her work. 

Before we met on the phone, this is what Max wrote to me:

What is your dream? 
To get my method for ending binge eating out in the world in three forms: 1. a book 2. 1:1 coaching (this is already happening) and 3. a 1:1 weekend retreat that I envision being something a person would look back on at the end of her life and say, Yep, that was in the top 5.
Where are you stuck? 
A couple places: Persistence, overwhelm, many ideas, many projects started but most less than 30% to finish, hating my website and not knowing where to start. I very much want a structured schedule, but I don't know how to create one that is flexible enough to deal with reality - even though that's EXACTLY what I've done for eating. 
What would you like to focus on in your Creative Dream Coaching Session?
A work structure that has some rhythm, some freedom, some flexibility, some predictability, and results in completed work.

My Case Notes:


In black text I describe what is happening on the call.

In red text I share my thoughts about this and how it might relate to other people's process.


First meeting with dream was disconcerting: got an image that she has a negative association with, and the image became more uncomfortable the more she worked with it.

This is good! When our dreams want to shake us up it means they have something to teach us.

When she goes into how this image of her dream makes her feel it feels really the opposite of everything that she wants.

Again - I think this is a good sign. Her dream has something to teach her, as long as she can stay with this uncomfortable imagery there will be some kind of shift or breakthrough for her.

We call in her dream.

I ask some questions which are meant to start to bring the energy of the essence of the dream into her questions.

Of course this leads down many different paths. The creative process is messy! And when you're creating work which is meant to be a part of your livelihood then you also have to think about marketing and sales which only makes this part of the process messier.

So at this point in the process you do need to give voice to any + all thoughts + ideas that come up. Give them some room, even the uncomfortable parts.



Then she understands the message of the essence of her dream. The flow represented in the Temperance card - she notices now that she wants flow but struggles to find it in her work.

Focus on building a structure that supports her creative flow.

Exploring ideas for doing that.

Exploring her emotional reactions to structure.

Really I can't stress this enough - we all have emotional reactions to structure. We have to give our feelings space and let them be a part of the process.

Exploring how to create structure in a way that feels right.

***The work structure she was looking for feels accessible and clear now***

This invites in new blocks: the self-doubt that comes up when you've got a workable plan for moving towards your dream. There is almost always at least a little burst of doubt that comes up once you've figure out exactly how you're going to move forward.

This is where we re-connect Max with the essence of her dream.



Now she IS the figure in the temperance card!  She is standing at the head of the stream, which is flowing out from her.

Empowerment. Clarity. 

Steps into the dream, standing as Temperance now she can see her next steps. 

Now she sees the REAL block on a practical level: she needs a photograph and has a lot of reasons why this is difficult.

Who Do You Think You Are? rears it’s head and tries to stop her from making progress.

EVERYONE has a Who Do You Think You Are? inside them.  This voice will come up strong when you're really onto something.

This is because your dream will grow you. The more important your creative project is, the more your dream will grow you by forcing you to come up against the places where you hold back out of your own old wounds.

That Who Do You Think You Are? voice wants to shut down the process of growth. In Max's case this is a old wound and a part of her that needs a lot of love and healing. In general that is what everyone's Who Do You Think You Are? voice needs.

Healing this wound is what creates space for you to do the work of making your dream real.


After the session Max emailed to met me know that she did get the picture taken that day!!!!

Flow + Momentum!