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Figuring Out How To Take Real Steps Towards Your Dream

This Dream Lab session with Sharon, a long-time member of the Circle.

Before we met on the phone, this is what Sharon wrote to me:

What is your dream?
To move house, to sell my house and buy a new build.
I love (like really, really love) new build houses and every time I see a show house, I’m like, I’ve got to sell my house and have this one! In the past this has always been just me on my own and I have been really enthusiastic initially and then as I get more and more fearful, my enthusiasm dwindles and nothing ever happens, until the next time there’s a new build development (I have lost track of the amount of times I have been to a show house and fallen in love) and I get all excited and go around again. My partner (of 7 years) and I have a house each, we currently live in mine and he rents his out – my dream is to sell my house and buy a new build house jointly with him, thereby committing to the relationship like I never have before (at the moment it feels like there is always an out). We have a house in mind and there are delays at the builders end (which keep getting longer and longer – and it feels like this extends my window for possible transformation), which I figure gives me the time to do the work in order to achieve this dream this time around.
Where are you stuck?
I am stuck with actually taking the outer step(s)
Just writing the first answer above, I recognise a part in me which is absolutely terrified to buy a house with my partner and commit to our relationship in that way .. so it’s no wonder I’m stuck I guess. I have no problem committing to using the tools and doing the work and I am no stranger to pain and suffering in the name of growth !! (last year I left therapy after 12.5 years of it !!) and I have done a lot of group work over the years which has enabled me to make huge changes in my life. This dream is one which brings me up against some of my biggest fears and I think that’s why I am so stuck. I don’t want to give up and I feel like though I am doing the work, I’m not really moving on in it and I would love to be able to. If I could move into that new house next summer when it completes, I feel like I would cry with joy for a week !! and I would feel like I’d overcome some of the biggest obstacles in my life currently (and historically). The voice of fear and doubt in me, says I can’t do this .. there is also a part of me which knows that I can.
What would you like to focus on in your Creative Dream Coaching Session?
How to use the processes in the circle to best move this on in my outer life. As you know, I have used the USS and the Dream Lab/Dream Journey a lot, as well as other things in the circle and yet I get stuck and I can’t move anything on .. it’s like I get so far through the process (to the end of the visualisation mostly) and then the next step eludes me. To concentrate on that bit one-to-one could be the next step ?


My Case Notes:

 Sharon has clarity on what she wants, and yet it feels scary because she’s never had it before. I think we can all relate!

Change is just somehow scary even when it’s what we want.

Sharon has been working with the Dream Lab and other similar processes that I share in the Creative Dream Circle for some time. So she has a lot of experience exploring her inner world and has had a lot of different kinds of experiences when it comes to meeting her dream - some pleasant and some not pleasant.

It’s absolutely ok if scary/violent/gross/weird imagery/stories come up for you when you meet with your dream.

The dream meeting is about exploring and working on your relationship with your dream and that relationship is sometimes volatile.

The fear of the Big Dream and desire to make it smaller so it doesn’t feel so scary is very common.

"I need to break it down into something less terrifying but I also need to not lose sight of my bigger dream" ---> this is a balancing act we have to play sometimes.

This really shows how imagination can lead you through your inner healing work.


Sharon's Update:

Sharon wrote me the day after our session to let me know that she took another step a day early!


She wrote me a few days later to share another great update. Here it is:

I made myself a suitcase and I put inside, my dream (small wobbly white blob), fear (big black shadow in it’s very own rainbow cloak), the qualities of SAFETY and COURAGE – and just for luck an ‘I AM BRAVE’ badge and then I put my task in with them and then I picked up the phone and completed my phone call, the only task on my list of one ! The result of this call added another task to the list of one and it felt good, so I made a second phone call. Both a bit frustrating AND no where near as scary as before.
I am working for two days now and then it’s the weekend, so I have put an intention in an incubator in the suitcase, to complete another task on Monday, which also feel ok = RESULT
I just love how Sharon gets creative with the tools and uses them to meet her needs for safety as she moves forward with her dreams.